The company is located in the Smolensk region, Vyazma.

At the moment, the company has production lines capable of producing film from 3 to 7 layers. The total volume of output is up to 4,500 tons per month.

The company also has the largest fleet of rewinding machines in Russia.

The company is actively implementing lean manufacturing in terms of process automation.

We are engaged in the development of innovative types of films and polymer products, we make exclusive films according to the parameters of customers.
The production process of flat-panel multilayer extrusion is as follows:
Raw materials in the form of pellets through the pipes of the pneumatic transport enter the loading bins, and from there into the cylinders of extruders
In the cylinders of extruders, the raw materials are heated, melted to a visco-fluid state, homogenized and forced through the adapter by the screws of extruders
There is a connection in the adapter (not mixing!) separate layers of melt according to the type of "puff" cake, where each layer has its own purpose
The melt under high pressure flows through the flat-gel head to the cooling drum, where the cooling and formation of the film web takes place, while the final cooling of the film takes place on the second cooling drum
Then the film passes through a system of rolls, a blackening device, enters the cutting unit, where the edges of the film are cut and cut into canvases of a given size. The edge is selected and enters the "mill" through a pneumatic pipe, where it is crushed and automatically fed to the central extruder (waste-free production)
On the winding device, the finished film is wound onto the bushings in accordance with the specified winding length. An automatic non-contact thickness gauge continuously monitors the specified film thickness by scanning the entire width of the canvas.
All technological and operational information is displayed on the monitor, where the operator monitors the data
The extrusion process is highly automated, the line automatically supports the specified parameters.
Finished rolls of "machine" film are placed vertically in three tiers of 60 rolls per pallet and wrapped with stretch film, forming a single package for further transportation to the consumer.

To make a "manual" film, jumbo rolls (with a long winding length) are first produced on an extrusion line, which then arrive at the rewinding section, where they are rewound on cutting and rewinding machines to bushings of small diameter and shorter winding length.
The manual film is packed in 6 rolls in boxes, which are placed in 56 or 60 pieces on a pallet, the formed pallet is wrapped in a stretch film.

The technological process of production of stretch film is a low-waste production, because it allows the full use of returnable technological waste generated during the production process.